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The -ALL Files Folder

All the Files below, dumped into a single folder.

The About_FairTax Folder

Files providing an introduction to the FairTax with general information.

The Files By_Format Folder

Files about the FairTax, organized by format.
  • The Ads Folder -- Advertisements promoting the FairTax and meetings.
  • The Articles_Letters Folder -- Articles and Letters written by FairTax supporters to Editors, Politicians, Businesses, and the Public.
  • The Brochures Folder -- Brochures about the FairTax, folded single sheets of paper.
  • The Flyers Folder -- Flyers with general information about the FairTax, 1 to 2 sheets long.
  • The Info Folder -- Info files with in-depth information about the FairTax or long (3+ pages) general information.
  • The News Folder -- Published news articles about FairTax events or legislative landmarks.
  • The Postcards Folder -- Postcards to send to politicians or the public, including petitions.
  • The Posters Folder -- Posters and signs to promote FairTax events.
  • The Rack_Cards Folder -- Rack cards with FairTax information or petitions, usually 3 separate slips per page.
  • The Rebuttals Folder -- Rebuttals to FairTax critics, also listed under the various formats.
  • The Research Folder -- Published research papers on the FairTax.
  • The Speeches Folder -- Speeches and PowerPoint presentations about the FairTax.
  • The Testimony Folder -- Testimony about the FairTax and Tax Reform in general.

The Files By_Topic Folder

Files about the FairTax, organized by topic.
  • The 0_FairTax_Solution Folder -- How the FairTax is the best Tax Reform.
  • The 0_Tax_Reform Folder -- Comparison of the various proposed Tax Reform Plans and the FairTax Plan.
  • The Agriculture Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on Agriculture and Ranching.
  • The Business Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on Business, Small Business, Industry, and Manufacturing.
  • The Competition Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on US Competition in world markets.
  • The Corruption Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on Washington Corruption.
  • The Costs Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on Tax Preparation, Compliance, and Collection Costs.
  • The Economy Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on the US Economy.
  • The Education Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on Education.
  • The Groups Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on various Demographic Groups.
  • The Health_Care Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on the Health Care Industry.
  • The History Folder -- History of the Income Tax and Information about the Legislative Process.
  • The Illegal_Immigration Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on Illegal Immigration.
  • The Investing Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on Investments.
  • The Jobs Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on Jobs and Wages.
  • The Legislation Folder -- FairTax Legislation and Its Interpretation.
  • The Non-Profits Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations.
  • The Petitions Folder -- Petitions and Pledges to support the Passage of the FairTax Plan.
  • The Prebate Folder -- Information about the FairTax Prebate.
  • The Property Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on Property Ownership and the Housing Market.
  • The Retail Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on Retailers and Retail Prices.
  • The States Folder -- Impact of the FairTax on the Individual States.

The Graphics Folder

Various graphics for supporting the FairTax and the Tea Party.

The Leaders Folder

Various files useful for leading a FairTax group, including a FairTax website template.

The Literature Folder

Literature promoting specific events.

The Writers Folder

Files for FairTax supporters who want guidance in writing articles, letters, speeches, etc.

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